Production Houses: The Film Factory; 17 Films

Writers: Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts & Sean Robert Daniels

Director: Ivan Botha

Producers: Danie Bester; Ivan Botha & Donnalee Roberts

Running Time: 102 Minutes

Age Restriction: 10-12PG L V

Cast: Donnalee Roberts; Simoné Nortmann; Chanelle de Jager; Ilse Klink; Carla Classen; Armand Aucamp


In Stroomop we meet five ladies who are all drowning in the rough waters of their own lives. For individual reasons, these ladies end up together on the Orange River for a river rafting adventure. During this adventure, their rowboat is swept away and their guide is lost in the terrifying water. They are left to their own devices to survive in the wilderness, unaware of the fact that their own realities and life abilities have already prepared them for the challenges ahead. Viewers journey with the women on this adventure and have to fight against tears, anger, fear and pain.