Production House: The Film Factory

Writers: Stefan Nieuwoudt, Danie Bester, Lelia Bester, Hydie Loots

Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt

Producers: Danie Bester, Dries Scholtz

Running Time: 97 minutes

Age Restriction: 7-9PGV

Cast: Paul Loots, Ruan Wessels, Izél Bezuidenhout, Janic Botha, David James, Karen Wessels, Amalia Uys

Agent 2000: Die Laksman

Agent 2000, or Wwwalter du Toit, doesn’t have a lot of time to complete his mission … He has to hurry if he wants to capture Randburg High School’s alleged bully, Die Laksman, before the end of initiation. If Walter succeeds in trapping the masked villain, he can through away his disguise, kiss the public school goodbye and continue his life as a 14-year old, homeschooled spy.