Production House: The Film Factory

Writers: Danie Bester, Stefan Nieuwoudt, Dries Scholtz, Andrew Thompson, Hannes Brümmer

Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt

Producers: Danie Bester, Dries Scholtz

Running Time: 92 minutes

Age Restriction: 10-12PGLD

Cast: Solomon Cupido, Hannes Brümmer, Lelia Etsebeth, Yolandi Malherbe, Richard Lukunku, Thokozani Ntuli, Andrew Thompson, Altus Theart


Ek Joke Net 2

Ek Joke Net’s pranksters are back, together with the Comical Actor’s Commission, aka, K.@.K, everyone is a target. From students who find themselves in the middle of a raid, a blind man who asks for advice when buying condoms, video shop assistants who find pornographic movies in their clients’ DVD cases and a famous South African rock band who gets threatened by the police. Nobody is safe when the ‘Candid Kings’ are nearby.