Production House: The Film Factory

Writer: Samuel Ferreira

Director: Morné Du Toit

Producer: Danie Bester

Running Time: 97 minutes

Age Restriction: PGV

Cast: Mish’a el de Beer, Ruan Wessels, Annemicke Kotzé, Melissa Massyn, Jamie Lawrence, Christel van den Bergh, Karen Fourie, Nazli George, Izak Davel



Nadia van Heerden (Mish’a el De Beer) is a loving and motivated twelve-year-old orphan, who dreams of becoming head girl at her school. Despite her cynical grandmother’s advice to not even try, she gives her all to receive this prestigious title. She quickly gains success when she wins the public speaking competition, but her failure during the netball trials, entrepreneur’s day and with her academics is just the beginning of her problems.

When she becomes convinced that her best friend Melissa (Annemicke Kotze) betrayed her, she rebels against anyone who cares about her. Soon she becomes a self-obsessed snob who will do anything to receive the title of head girl.