Production House: The Film Factory

Writers: Danie Bester, Stefan Nieuwoudt, Dries Scholtz, Andrew Thompson

Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt

Producers: Danie Bester, Dries Scholtz

Running Time: 95 minutes

Age Restriction: 13PGLV

Cast: Andrew Thompson, Solomon Cupido, Christel van den Bergh, Thokozani Ntuli, Lelie Etsebeth, Morné du Toit, Richard Lukunku, Bryan Hadwen


Ek Joke Net

You probably think that you are an ordinary South African citizen who doesn’t snoop around in other people’s business, but when the ‘Candid Kings’ are close by, nobody is safe. Ek Joke Net is a prank-film of epic proportions, where everybody is a target.