Pad Na Jou Hart

Production House: The Film Factory

Writers: Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts

Director: Jaco Smit

Producers: Danie Bester, Donnalee Roberts, Ivan Botha

Running Time: 117 minutes

Age Restriction: 7-9PGV

Cast: Donnalee Roberts, Ivan Botha, Marius Weyers, David James, Anton Dekker, Franci Swanepoel, Marcel van Heerden, Carmin Coetzer

Pad na jou Hart

The young, attractive and arrogant businessman, Basson van Rensburg (Ivan Botha), has five days to get to his father’s funeral in Cape Town, but he has to complete certain tasks on his journey before he can take over the successful family business. His only opportunity to get to Cape Town on time is to hitch a ride with the beautiful, bohemian girl, Amory (Donnalee Roberts).

As they travel through the breathtaking scenery of South Africa, they meet wonderful characters that ensure a lot of laughter-filled moments and life-changing experiences. To fall in love was never part of the plan, but the road that leads to our hearts takes a lot of turns.