Production House: The Film Factory

Writers: Ivan Botha, Andrew Thompson

Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt

Producer: Danie Bester

Running Time: 93 minutes

Age Restrictions: 13PGLV

Cast: Ivan Botha, Neil Sharim, Andrew Thompson, Melt Sieberhagen, Ciske Kruger, Lelia Etsebeth, Solomon Cupido


In a country where no one stands up for what they believe in anymore, two emerging superheros have to find their inner strength to save the one place where they seem to fit in. When their beloved comic store is threatened, the two best friends’ superhero-colours are shown. Dimensie Komieks is in a lot of trouble and debt. Albert and Peet comes up with a plan, together with Saskia, Monique and SuperWayne to save the store.