Production Houses: The Film Factory, Bosbok Ses Films

Writers: Piet de Jager, Sallas de Jager, Jan van Tonder

Director: Paul Eilers

Producers: Danie Bester, Sallas de Jager

Running Time: 115 minutesAge

Age Restriction: 16SVL

Cast: Paul Loots, Rika Sennet, John-Henry Opperman, Deon Lotz, Lida Botha, Andrew Thompson


Based on the novel by Jan van Tonder with the same title. An eleven-year old boy , Timus, tells the story of 1966 railway community. Timus and his family is caught up in the structural violence inflicted by the government and the church. An unexpected hero, Joon, emerges to rescue Timus and to restore some of his lost innocence.